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About US :

   Smart Sign Academy has been established by "Godara Group" (Godara Mobile and Godara Enterprises, Lohawat). A place surrounded by natural objects is fascinating to the new comers. "Godara Group" has very high ambitions. They wants to make this place useful to humanity. The object is to make means available in the rural area for quality education, earning is not the aim. May god help achieve his goal.

   Smart Sign Academy is the first "English Medium School" in Lohawat Tehsil(Dist. - Jodhpur), established in 2013, is a self-financing day school with a current enrollment of 300 in classes Foundation to Five. The school has over a thirteen members of staff, all members are experienced. The school campus spreads over one acres, and has fully games equipped.

Academic Reports :

    The school year has been divided into two semesters. A report is issued at the end of each semester.

Grading System :

     The grading system used in the school is from 1-5 in ascending order. Marks for tests and assignments are also allotted in percentages.

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Help-Line : 09772148932, 08432287071