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I'm incredibly pleased with SmartSign progression this year, not only in his academic studies but also with his confidence.

Jitendra Kumar
Merta City, Nagour

Our Children have been very lucky to go to SmartSign Academy. It has given them an excellent start to their education and a very positive attitude to school. They have been very happy there and it shows in their results.

Ramesh Bhai

Just would like to say thanks to all of the staff that have been involved with SmartSign as each one of you have improved my son in many ways and I have noticed it.

Jogdish Dhaka
Mamta Dairy, Lohawat

We are very pleased with Rasaal's report. She has enjoyed her time at SmartSign Academy and has had a fantastic turn to her education. Thank you all for your hard work with the children.

Dinesh Saarswat
Moti Steel Shop, Lohawat

Your dedication and commitment make this a truly outstanding school and we are sorry to be leaving!

Jatan Lohiya
Vishnawas, Lohawat

Both of our children, Sunil and Deepak, have had a truly great time, with lots of lovely memories. You put in such a lot of effort and time into all of the children.

Bhanwar Lal Prajapat
Shivpuri, Lohawat

Thank you to all the teachers involved in my daughters education and making her time there lots of fun.

Vishnawas, Lohawat

This has been an excellent SmartSign Academy for my daughter who has been fortunate enough to have brilliant teachers.

Bhikaram Paliwal
Paliwal Stone, Lohawat

Prince loves school and everything about it. We would like to thank the staff for all their care and support. SmartSign is a lovely little school and we thank all the staff members."

Jagdish Goswami
Goswami Filing Station, Lohawat

Fantastic job by all staff, thank you all so much.

Raju Ram Maali
Singarsar, Lohawat

I am very pleased with Daksh’s report. I like the report format, I found it very easy to understand.

Mukesh Saarswat
Jatawas, Lohawat

We are very pleased with Mahendra's report. Keep up the good work!

Om Prakash Dhaka
Hansadesh, Lohawat

- Staff Members -

SmartSign Academy is a great place to work because each student is viewed as an individual. The ability and willingness of the teachers to differentiate their instruction to reach all students is phenomenal. Every staff member is a caring, professional and that is why I love working at this school!

Priyanka Tiwari (Andhra Pradesh)
SmartSign Academy, Lohawat


SmartSign Academy is a desirable place filled with the needed educational resources. SmartSign Academy has supportive educators to promote every student’s learning potential

Prashant Sharma (Aagra, UP)
SmartSign Academy, Lohawat

SmartSign Academy has a very positive atmosphere among faculty. When you walk through the door, it makes for a pleasant day.

Pooja Sharma (Bikaner)
SmartSign Academy, Lohawat

The teachers at SmartSign Academy work very hard to provide the best possible education for each and every child.

Narsingh Puri
SmartSign Academy, Lohawat

The faculty works extremely well together. All faculty members respect each other personally and professionally. Teamwork is of prime importance.

Kavita Rathi
SmartSign Academy, Lohawat

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