Smart Sign Academy, Lohawat, Jodhpur

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Om Prakash Godara
( Software Engineer )
SmartSign Academy, Lohawat

Director's Message

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

    SmartSign school is deeply committed to an all round education that focuses on every aspect of the child’s personality development. The personality that each individual possesses integrates within it the unlimited capabilities of the body, mind and spirit in the most unique way and gives the concerned individual not only an identity based on his or her talents and attributes but also the power to respond creatively to the boundless joy of life.
    The school aspires to provide its students with the best possible world class resources to develop into the kind of human beings that the world needs today and in future. SmartSign school offers children the opportunity to develop their individual talent in a secure, caring environment and gives them a confident, happy start to school life.


Pre-Primary study through the equipment

    SmartSign Academy is using the many equipment for pre-primary classes like - Stamps, Wooden Alphabets, Wooden Numbers, Bids for maths counting, Alphabet tree, Magnetic board with alphabet pictures, Projector and many more equipment for pre-primary class.

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Projector Classes With 42 Inch LED TV

   SmartSign real time access the oral classes through LED TV. Presently the projector classes taking for English and EVS subject with lesson plans and lessons presenting/showing through the PPT files, and also taking dancing classes and poems/rhyms classes. These classes are so helpful for primary and pre-primary classes.

Day-boarding school

   SmartSign is the first day-boarding school in Lohawat. That provides the best option for that parent who are not able to child care at home. In the day-boarding any student can take admission, who can be student of same/other schools.

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Team Work

Team Work

Presently, we have best teaching team...

   The school has dedicated, hard working faculty and is amongst the best in the Marwar Lohawat. Regular workshops are conducted to update and upgrade teachers with latest in the field of education.

    Now, no need to think / go outside the Lohawat for purpose of english medium education because of SmartSign Academy is providing the best discipline, management, experienced and qualified english medium staff.

SmartSign Academy name is enough

   Smart Sign Academy has been established by "Godara Group" (Godara Mobile and Godara Enterprises, Lohawat). A place surrounded by natural objects is fascinating to the new comers. "Godara Group" has very high ambitions. They wants to make this place useful to humanity. The object is to make means available in the rural area for quality education, earning is not the aim. May god help achieve his goal.

   Smart Sign Academy is the first "English Medium School" in Lohawat Tehsil(Dist. - Jodhpur), established in 2013, is a self-financing day school with a current enrollment of 300 in classes Foundation to Five. The school has over a thirteen members of staff, all members are exeperienced. The school campus spreads over one acres, and has fully games equipped .

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Team Work

Future Project

Project is going under construction......

    Current Address : Smart Sign Academy, Vishnawas, Marwar Lohawat (Jodhpur)

    Future Address : Near by Jatawas Panchayat, On the state highway no 65, Jatawas, Marwar Lohawat (Jodhpur)

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Smart Sign Academy.

Help-Line : 09772148932, 08432287071